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About payment

COD (cash on delivery)

  • Agent: Yamato Transport Co. Ltd. *Payment must be made in cash.
  • Handling Charge: Free (TG Welfare bears.)

Please pay for the product on delivery to a Yamato Transport sales driver.

About tax and postage

  • Tax:We add consumption tax to the price of products.
  • Postage:We will ship the products by Cash On Delivery.

About delivery

After confirming the order, shipping will take place within a week of our company.
(Shipping may take longer during extended holiday periods.)

Delivery Agent: Yamato Transport Co. Ltd.
(Please accept that customers cannot change the delivery agent.)
The delivery destination is limited to within Japan.

About returns

  • Returns are only possible when the delivered product was initially defective or when the case was damaged during shipping. (As a general rule, returns are not possible due to other circumstances of the customer.) We ask for your understanding regarding this policy.
  • Returns should be made using COD (cash on delivery) shipping.
    Returns are only possible within 10 days after delivery of the product (2 days after delivery for a damaged case).
    Does not include damage to the case due to fault of the customer.

Contact for returns and inquiries

Company: TG Welfare Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Ohara, Sales and Procurement Division
Address: 100 Haruhi-Nagahata, Kiyosu City, Aichi
452-0961 Japan

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